Bye Bye Bingo Wings

Apr 6, 2012

My challenge for the next 6 weeks is to get rid of these bingo wings.

Yes, you heard me, Bingo Wings.

What are bingo wings you ask?

Imagine you are 87 years old and sitting in a bingo parlor and you have just matched all the numbers. You raise your hand in the air and start wiggling it around yelling bingo bingo bingo like the crazy 87 year old that you are. That gross skin flapping in the air, yeah, that is a bingo wing.

Let's get rid of them, you with me?  Now let me preface this workout by saying that I am not going for Madonna's arms here.  Personally, I think her arms are a bit gross.  I don't need that much tone.  I just want normal firmed up, not superhero firmed up. 

I have chosen the Fitness Magazine Tone Your Arms in 3 Moves Workout.  I chose this workout for a two reasons.  First, it has three different levels, so as you get stronger you can progress to harder exercises.  Second, it didn't have any crazy exercises that I didn't feel like I couldn't do.  Jillian Michael's arm workout had some crazy mountain climber thing you had to do ... uh, there is a reason I don't Zumba and it's that I am completely uncoordinated, mountain climbing, I won't be.

My plan is to do each of the 3 levels for 2 weeks.  After 6 weeks, we'll see if it was worth the time and energy ... of which I have about none, so it better be worth it.

I will post my weekly progress and the final results. Here is my before picture. My arms currently measure 10.5" around. Though this was not a very scientific measurement. We apparently don't own a fabric measuring tape, so I used a metal one. The things I do for this blog!

That's me, point to my fat!
I hope you'll join me ... we would love to hear about your results!


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