Why We Love it Wednesday: Popcorn Awesomeness

Apr 4, 2012

For my first "Why we love it Wednesday" post, I wanted to review a really cool item. Something that would force you to drop what you're doing and rush right out to buy it. I spent an embarrassing amount of time trying to come up with a product that I love. That I just really couldn't do without. I looked around my house and saw tons of items that make my kids lives better, but I wanted this to be all about ME! Me, me, me!
I went to the kitchen and there it was, just sitting there all innocent like. Pretending that it wasn't aware of its awesomeness. But I know...and now you will too.

Introducing, The Nordic Ware Microwave Popcorn Popper. It is one of my favorite products and is by FAR the best $8.99 I ever spent.

My two favorite foods are apples and popcorn. I eat both every day and would be more than happy if forced to live solely on these two yummies (maybe a piece of peanut butter toast every now and then...). Last year when I started reading reports of how harmful the coating inside microwave popcorn bags could be, I was pregnant and became worried and immediately stopped eating my favorite snack. I had always eaten the low fat variety of the microwaved good stuff, and though my husband loves stove top popcorn, I wasn't willing to eat something so full of oil. I searched the Internet for an answer and found several posts on making popcorn in a brown paper bag. I tried this several times, and it was ok, but the popcorn wasn't fluffy and I wasted a lot of kernels that didn't pop. I bought a Sunbeam air popper, and it was a waste. A big, loud, messy waste.

One day I was at Target (where all good things happen), buying ranch flavored popcorn seasoning to make homemade ranch "Doritos," and spotted a yellow bowl on the top shelf. I thought it was ridiculous to spend $8.99 on a bowl to serve popcorn in. I'm pretty sure I rolled my eyes. I do that sometimes. So I took it off the shelf to scoff at it and saw that it claimed to pop popcorn in my microwave with or without oil! For $8.99? Bargain! My opinions can change quickly...

That night I made my first bowl, and fell in love. Its so simple. A half a cup of kernels into the bowl, into the microwave, and done. There is the option to use oil, but I haven't. I bought my mother one and she does use the oil and says that it is very good. After the popcorn is done (mine is perfect after 2 minutes and 30 seconds but every microwave is different) I spray it with butter spray and sprinkle a variety of popcorn seasonings. Perfect, perfect, perfect. For a quick snack, it's a great option because popcorn is healthy and because you can decide how much you want to make for easy portion control.

Buy one...you'll like it.

*Please note that these opinions are solely my own and I was not compensated in any way to provide them.  Now go buy a popcorn bowl!


  1. Uh oh! Looks like I have something else to add to my shopping list this evening. Thanks! We love popcorn here too and go through bags and bags even though the idea of microwaved anything makes me cringe. But the big popper costs too much and takes up too much space. So, thanks.

  2. Let me know what you think! I used mine this year to make the popcorn for homemade caramel popcorn, and I could tell a difference. The pieces are so fluffy the caramel has more area to cover, which is always good. Enjoy

  3. I didn't realize your new site would be so intellectual: http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2012/03/120325173008.htm


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