6 Week Arm Update

May 18, 2012

So it has been 6 weeks and the results are in ...

I lost 1" off each arm.  Not too bad.  It is hard to tell much of a difference in these pictures, but there is definitely a difference.  And my arms are much stronger.  Here are the pics:



Here's the bad news ... I came to dread dread dread this workout every time I had to do it.  I don't know if I was bored with it or what, but this became the absolute worst part of my day.  I think it was just the focusing on one body part thing.  And if it was that much work to focus on one, how the heck am I going to fit in the others?  It became more mentally exhausting for me than physically exhausting.

My original plan was to drop the arm workout down to two days a week and then add an ab rotation in every other day.  But now, I am thinking differently ... mostly because I don't want to do the lousy arm workout anymore.  So I am signing up for Yoga. There is a studio here in town that has a 4 week beginner course to help show you all the different moves.  Do they call them moves?  What is the word I am looking for?


Yes, all the different poses.

Which is different from posse, which I orginally typed. 

Maybe I can get my posse to do my yoga poses with me. 

Wait, I don't have a posse. 

No, I do have a posse, but I think they might be on broadway. 

Clearly I am delirious as I type this

So we will give that a try.  I think Yoga will be a good off day from running workout. 

We'll see ... I will keep you updated!



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