Flower Pots: Mother's Day Craft

May 7, 2012

STOP!  If you are my mother, please stop reading this post.  It will spoil the surprise.  (And if you are my mother, you had better been reading this post!  But stop now.  Really.)

So, Mother's Day is right around the corner and once again, no ideas for the Grandmas.  Both the grandmas live far away and gift giving is always some what of a challenge.  What do they have/not have?  What do they need?  What is easy to ship?  I can go on and on.  I can never come up with a good idea.  But., the one thing I do know is, they love pictures of the grand kids.  So this is what we made ...

I saw this idea a very long time ago done for a Teacher, but I thought it would be perfect for the grandmas.

Just pretend the pots aren't already painted :)

First, your supplies:

Flower Pot
Pictures of your kids
Card Stock in lots of colors

Step 1:  Have the kids paint the flower pot.  Allow to dry overnight.

Step 2:  Have a photo shoot with the munchkins.  Print out the pictures and cut our their little heads.  Also, cut out flower shapes from your cardstock.  I used a cookie cutter to trace because I have no artistic ability whatsoever.  Glue little heads to flower shapes.  Let them dry. (note that I actually used construction paper.  You really want to use cardstock, it is much sturdier.  You'll see how I fixed it below.)

Step 3:  Fit your Styrofoam into flower pots.  I was lucky enough to find these Styrofoam balls at Michaels that fit perfectly.  Using lots of glue, glue "grass" on to the top of the Styrofoam.

Allow to dry.  Then take your scissors and trim it up wherever needed. 

Step 4:  Glue flowers onto skewers.  Vary the length of the skewers to add visual interest.  (That sounded totally professional, didn't it?).  I used that E-6000 glue.  That stuff is crazy strong!  I went ahead and glued little pieces of cardstock to the backs of the flowers, I didn't think the construction paper was strong enough on it's own.  But if you started with card stock, you should be good!

Step 5:  Insert Skewers into Styrofoam grass. 

Voila - flowers that will last way longer than any that you could have ordered.

Both kids loved all of this project.  Painting, hamming for the camera, glue ... what's not to like?  I am sure the Grandmas will like it too!



  1. Elena did something like this for mothers day last year. Instead of her picture it was her handprint. School actually did it, I was impressed. Though they must have used plaster of paris and a cardboard cup. It is rock hard! My question to you is this, how are you going to get it to the grandmas?

  2. Lots and Lots of Bubble Wrap!!! Fingers Crossed that it arrives in one piece!


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