You can do it!

May 25, 2012

The most frequent reaction that I get when I start talking about running is, "That's great, I wish I could do that" or something to that effect.  Or, "I've always wanted to be a runner".

Here's the secret ...

You CAN do it!

Before I started, I couldn't run for even 60 seconds straight.  No lie. 

Running 1 mile seemed like something that would never happen.  Forget running 3 miles like the program promised.

But the trick is, you just have to stick with it. 

It's the trick to anything in life really, don't give up. 

That is the hard part.

Because in the beginning, it kinds sucks.  Well, not kinda, it really sucks.

You feel out of shape and tired.  You feel like the goal will never be in reach.

But eventually, it will feel good.

Eventually, you will be able to eat Dairy Queen and not think twice about it, because, hey, you ran 6 miles today.

Eventually, you will love to run because it provides not only great physical exercise, but great mental stress relief, and we can all use some of that. 

So go on ... Try it ... It's Good For You!



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