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Jun 15, 2012

So, how's that training going, you ask?

Um, yeah, training ... it's going.

Sometimes, real life gets in the way of things like training.

Real life things like taking a trip to California ... where I did get in three runs (including getting up early the day we left to run a quick 3) just not the distances I would have went if we had been home.

Real life things like sickness ... since the California trip, we've all been sick in different stages.  #1 while we were there, hubs and I as soon as we got back, and #2 about 3 days after we got back.  Not fun.

Real life things like ramming your foot into the pedestal of a column in your kitchen and thinking it was possible that you broke some bones.  The good news is I didn't, the bad news is, the next day was supposed to be a long run day.

So training has taken a back seat Real Life. 

You just have to roll with the punches.

I have seemed to have gotten back on track this week though (My running week goes Monday to Sunday).  Here is what the schedule called for:

Monday:  No running.  1 hour of Yoga.  Still have fabulous things to say about yoga.  I really enjoy it.  Will keep it up after these classes with some DVDs.

Tuesday:  Speed Training.  15 minute warm up, 4 X 400 at 8:00 minute/mile pace with 2 mins recovery between, 10 min cool down, equated to 4 miles.  The intervals worked my butt off, but overall, not a super difficult run.

Wednesday:  20 minutes Pilates

Thursday: 4 mile tempo run.  Went fine, though boring because it was on the treadmill.

Friday:  Off day from running, 20 minutes pilates

Saturday:  Long Run Day.  Got up at 4:45 AM to run.  We were headed out of town and it was that or nothing.  Ran 7.2 miles -- the farthest I have ever run!  Just under 10 minute miles.  Felt like I could have gone farther - it was awesome! 

So that is how training is going - I am just keeping at it, one day at a time!  Next week is a challenging week training wise, stay tuned to see how it goes.



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