Why we love it Wednesday: Totally Me Deluxe Scrapbooking Kit

Jun 27, 2012

I am not a scrapbooker. 

I'm just not. 

I think the whole idea is awesome ... and I tried it out when #1 was first born.

But I agonized over which pictures to choose (and you know when you first have a baby, there are hundreds) and how many pages to do per month of age.  And it all had to be perfectly journaled with all my thoughts on what she was doing each month. 

And then she was a year old and I had only completed months one and two to my satisfaction.  Yikes! I was never going to catch up and that was just depressing!

Snapfish photo books work much better for me. 

But we are not talking about me right now, this is about #1.  She received this scrap booking kit as a gift and has been begging to open it up and get started.  She decided to do a scrapbook about our recent trip to California.

I'd been dragging my feet, but today, we got it out. 

And it was PERFECT for her.  Here's why:

It came with everything she needed:  Glue, fancy scissors, pretty paper, stickers, and a very nice album.  All she needed was the pictures.

She has been able to do it entirely on her own. 

It is giving her writing practice as she has added captions to every single picture.

It is good quality stuff.  The album is very nice and it won't be easy to tear up, especially by little sisters.

I highly recommend this - it is a great rainy day project or it's too hot to go outside project. 

She is still working on it right now - 1.5 hours and counting! 

It is available at Toys R Us, probably other places too ... at TRU it runs $21.99.  And totally worth it, especially if you are needing some quite time ;)



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