Fab Fit Fridays: Fail?

Apr 9, 2012

No, I do not have delirious Monday brain.  I know it is not Friday.  But I needed to bring you an important announcement.

Um, so, how many of you started that arm workout I posted?  None?  Good.  'Cuz we are changing it.  To put it simply, that one sucked.  Why did it suck, you ask?  Well, very little effort to complete 3 sets of the exercises.  I wasn't sore, even a little.  It didn't raise my heart beat at all.  I just didn't feel like it was doing anything.  And I sure don't want to spend 6 weeks doing something with no results.  And then as if Fitness Magazine was reading my mind, I got this email with a flabby arm workout ...

Fitness Magazine's 5 Exercises to Firm Arm Flab

So, Try Try again. I did this one last night.  Um, lots of effort required to complete the two sets.  And the heart was definitely pumping.  I think we may have a winner!  Try this one.  Try it now!  I'll have another report on Friday!


  1. Sadly I am also a member of the chicken wing club! It wasn't always so! But I've been saying for MONTHS that I need to start working out so my arms can get some tone to them! Thanks for the timely post!
    Teri (Bryn's friend)

  2. Well I would love it if someone else was doing this too! Even though it is only 15 minutes or so, it is still torture to me!!!

    You would think that lugging my 2 year old around all day would have done something with these arms, but no such luck! So I guess I will try it the hard way and see what happens!


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