Banana Ice Cream

Apr 11, 2012

I love easy.

I love simple.

I love healthy and wholesome.

What could be easier and more simple than a one ingredient recipe? And if that one ingredient was a banana???

Totally healthy and wholesome.

The Kid won't eat bananas. They give her the body shivers when she puts them in her mouth. It's a texture thing :). But if it's in a smoothie, she's totally on board. Turn it into ice cream? She's getting out the spoons.
When I first saw banana ice cream on "Five ingredient fix," I was more than skeptical. I mean...a banana? How? I tried it just to prove how absurd an idea it was. And...I was wrong. Very. Wrong. It's smooth and creamy and very tasty. We've made it plain and also with extra ingredients like peanut butter, honey, chocolate sauce, chocolate chips, and ovaltine mixed with a little bit of milk before adding.
Try'll like it :)

You'll need:
Ripe bananas
Blender or food processor
Additional add ins or toppings


Peel and chop your bananas. Freeze in a single layer until frozen, 1-2 hours. ( If I'm not ready to make the ice cream after they've frozen I will place them in a container and use at a later time).

Now place the chunks into the blender or food processor. I've used both. I like the food processor better, but that's just me. Both work fine. Pulse a couple of times to break up the chunks and then blend. You will need to scrape down sides several times.

If you're feeling impatient, you can add a bit of milk, but you'll find that if you continue blending, it WILL come together and turn into yummy creamy soft serve type ice cream. At this point add in your additional ingredients and blend just to combine and serve.

- I prefer my ice cream a little more firm and I will put mine back into the freezer for a bit to harden.


  1. Omg I have to try this...this week! What an awesome spring break treat. Yum! Thanks for sharing...and soooo easy...I do need to secure both a food processor and a blender though. Both of mine broke and I don't think an immersion blender would work on this one. Lol

    1. If you want to break it too, go for it! Let me know what you think after you try it. Between banana bread, smoothies, and this ice cream, we don't waste any bananas around here.


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