Running schedule

Apr 11, 2012

A couple of you asked if I would post my running schedule.

Ask and you shall receive!

Just to preface this schedule, know that I will be running a 10k on April 28th. So with that in mind, here is what I am doing this week:

Monday: off day

Tuesday: 4 mile Speed interval workout on the treadmill, my most fun workout of the week (does sarcasm come across on a blog?)

Wednesday: 3.1 miles, outside, focusing on time. Last week I had my personal best, which I can't remember right now what was, but it was sub 30 minutes. Yea me! I run roughly 10 minute miles. I would like to get to 9 minute miles.

Thursday: This will either be 4 miles of hills or 4 miles of speed intervals on the treadmill.

Friday: off day

Saturday: 6 miles, hard route, this means there are lots of hills and they are mostly on the back half

Sunday: 3 or 4 miles, just depending on how I feel. Easy route, outside.

Sounds like fun, right?



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