Strawberry Yogurt Nutella Bites

Apr 12, 2012

In our first edition of, I Saw it on Pinterest ...

Does anyone else have trouble spelling Pinterest?  For whatever reason, I can't seem to ever get it right.  Anyhoo ...

Who is obsessed with this site?  Show of hands please.  Now, of all the things you have pinned, how many things have you actually baked/made/created/finished?  Uh yeah, that is what I thought.  So 'I saw it on Pinterest' is dedicated to actually DOING some of the things we have pinned. 

Now this particularly yummy thing, I did not see on Pinterest.  But it was inspired by what I saw on Pinterest.  So, let's start there.

Frozen yogurt bites.  You can see the pin HERE.  I tried to find the original owner of this one, but I could not track it down.  If you know who first created these yummy treats, please let me know and I will give them proper credit! 

They turned out great and are so easy to make.  I imagine we will be eating these a lot this summer!

Here are the instructions:

Buy a container of your favorite yogurt.  Empty contents of said container into ziplock bag.

I put the ziplock bag over a cup so that I don't have to hold it.  Much less messy this way.
Cut just a very small tip off the corner of the ziplock bag. 

Squeeze small dots onto foil lined pan.

I got 50 out of one 6 oz container of yogurt.  Place pan in freezer.  Freeze two to three hours.  Enjoy!  The kids gobbled these down in one sitting, so you might want to make a few batches!

While eating these, I thought, you know what would make these even better?  Nutella!  Because Nutella makes everything better.  Everything.  Really, everything.  So my brain got to working and I came up with ...

Strawberry Yogurt Nutella Bites.  Yeah, so the name isn't catchy.  I didn't have a lot of time to brainstorm.

Gather your ingredients!

Nutella, yes, you NEED the giant size container.  Strawberry yogurt or whatever variety you think would make a good combo.  I am going to try key lime next.  This is just what I had in the fridge.  Mini Vanilla Wafers. 

There are two ways you can go here.  You could crush up the Nilla Wafers in a plastic bag and stir into yogurt.  Then fill the mini muffin cup up 3/4 of the way. 

OR you could just put the Nilla Wafer in the bottom of the mini muffin tin. 

The problem I had with this initially is that it doesn't fill the whole tin.  But we'll see how it works anyway.  Cover the Nilla Wafer with the yogurt.

Next is the messy part.  Nutella is extremely difficult to spread.  So, I used the plastic bag method.  I heated the Nutella for aprox. 20 second just to loosen it up a bit.  Then placed it in a ziplock bag. 

Cut off the tip and get to work.

Spread Nutella over the tops of all the tins.  You can pipe it all on, use a spoon, your finger, whatever you find easiest.

Then place in the freezer for aprox. 2 to 3 hours.  And then you get to enjoy this:

Serious yum.  Just the right amount of sweet to satisfy.  In terms of which method is best, I think that is probably personal preference.  The ones with the whole Nilla Wafer on the bottom had more crunch, but were messier to eat.  The ones with the Nilla Wafers all smashed up where easier to eat, but not as crunchy.  I preferred the whole Nilla Wafer myself. 

Hope you enjoy these as much as I did!



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