Instead of Pole Dancing

Apr 1, 2012

We are starting a blog!!!

The daily routine of taking care of the kids, the house, the laundry, the dog, the cooking, the taxi service to dance, gymnastics, soccer, the library and school, going on field trips and playdates and zoo trips, just wasn’t keeping us busy enough, so this is the natural use of our plethora of free time. Between 8:05 pm and 8:37 pm, there was simply nothing for us to do.

This blog is going to focus on food, fitness and fun! We’ll try new recipes, new exercises, new tips, tricks and crafts and tell you what we think. We will try out new products and give you our honest opinions.  We will lean towards the healthy, but there will still be dessert. I can’t live without dessert. We’ll have fun features like “I saw it on Pinterest”, “Fabulous Fitness Fridays”, and “Why we Love it Wednesdays”. We’ll talk about running until you are sick of us talking about running (Hallie just finished her first race and is training for another in April; Bryn is going to start running this fall!). Did I mention there will be dessert too? Just checking.

Have something you want us to try – email us! We are up for anything!

Well, almost anything.
Skydiving is completely out of the question.

And no pole dancing classes. We're not mature enough not to giggle.

Since this is our first week, we thought we would post something new everyday … but don’t get used to it! In general, we’ll try to post 3 times a week. Assuming no one is sick, or tired or sick and tired. We’ll see how it goes.
Tell your friends, tell your neighbors, tell your neighbors' friends. Come back and check us out!


  1. How about a post about how fun running intervals are? Oh wait, then everyone will know you're lying... Better stick with the desserts!

    1. But you know how I absolutely adore hill intervals ;)


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