The things I do to make The Kid smile

Apr 2, 2012

Today I made a 4 year old smile. I mean really smile. Ok, she tends to smile quite often...and I'm responsible for a fair amount of them. But this smile wasn't planned. I didn't tell a joke or go out of my way to bring forth a grin. I caught her smiling. Just pure joy. I should have known that brownies and peeps would bring a grin or two....

A couple of days ago I remembered that Easter is closer than I'd thought. I hadn't decorated (done), bought egg dye (done) or made any fun treats (done and done). As far as the treats went, I wanted to make something cute, fun, and new. As I was pulling out Hallie's doughnut pan that I hijacked (I'll return it soon....maybe), I had a vision. A vision of a peep nest.

I started with boxed brownie mix. Don't judge! I wasn't sure if they would work in the pan and I didn't want to waste the time or ingredients....why am I defending myself??? Anyway. Brownie mix into doughnut pan sprayed with Pam. Into 350 degree oven for 13-15 minutes. I let them cool for 10 minutes and then carefully went around the edges to release the yummy crispy brownie edges. Are you still judging? I can feel it...

The Kid then "helped" me dye coconut green and add to the brownie nest, sprinkle with egg shaped sprinkles, and add a peep. Cute. And this is when I caught her . I started cleaning the mess and turned around and she was eye level with her new creation with the hugest grin. I'm not sure if she thought it was cute, was proud of what she made, or was thinking of eating the little bird and his home. But it doesn't matter...I was just happy to see that smile.

I also made these cute little brownie bites with the leftover batter ... waste not, want not, right?


  1. What a great idea! I need to secure a pan like that....think it will work with mini muffin size? I am so behind the eight ball on Easter this year myself. My decorations consist of window clings and some lilies. The move is my excuse but it has been a month!

    1. The best thing about Easter around here is that the plastic eggs that The Kid insists on hiding every other day finally make sense and look like decorations! Throw in some window clings and a cheesy flag out front. Done and done.
      I used a mini muffin pan to make the mini brownies. Worked really well. I started checking them after 8 minutes. Yummy because lots of crispy edges on both the mini muffins and donuts. And that's the best part, right?

  2. Great Idea...hope you don't mind I share the idea with friends (I mean, I've already shared your blog with them ;o)...would go great with Tastefully Simple brownies OR Classy Chocolate Pound Cake!

  3. Thanks, and I don't mind at all. Share away. I think any batter is worth a shot. I'll be doing a post about it soon, but I put cookie dough in the donut pan. So. Good.
    We should do a monthly post called "things Bryn put in a donut/mini muffin pan!". Also, at some point I will decide if I'm going to spell it "donut" or "doughnut"...say tuned :)

  4. Trish - Thanks for Sharing!! I've got an idea brewing about a post you could do for us (and promote tastefully simple) ... stay tuned!


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