Progress is always hard to see at first

Apr 13, 2012

So I have done this workout now 3 times.  I am using 5 pound weights and doing the workout every other day.  Here are my thoughts:

Time commitment:  It only takes about 15 to 20 minutes to do all five exercises.  Not bad at all.  I am doing two sets of the reps recommended on the workout.  And I do them during 'after kids go to be tv watching' so I am not missing out on anything else.

Heart Rate:  Definitely up during the exercises.  I even broke a sweat!

Effort:  This definitely makes me work my arms.  The last few reps in all the exercises definitely burn a bit.  I was slightly sore 24 hours after the first workout. Love it!

Visible change:  Not yet.

Overall, I really like this workout.  I will be keeping at it in the coming weeks and keep you updated.

Have a great weekend!


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