Buffalo Chicken Enchiladas

May 3, 2012

My husband and I were married on April 29th and were in Mexico for our honeymoon on Cinco de Mayo. I'd love to say that we went out and partied it up spring break style. But I'd be lying. We spent the day on the beach, did some shopping in the local markets, had dinner at the hotel and then watched some weird 80's theme hotel variety show from our balcony. We tend to make snarky comments, and felt it was probably wise to judge others from the safety of our room. What we did not do that day was encounter anything buffalo spiced or sauced. It may not be authentic Mexican food...but it's an enchilada, so it counts. Right ? You should make these for Cinco de Mayo, or for a get together or because it's a Wednesday and your husband wants something spicy. Good stuff.

Pretty much every night my husband watches tv and I visit my favorite blogs and spend way too much time on Pinterest. If I find something I think he'll like, I share and get varying responses. Usually it's a head nod, but this recipe for Buffalo Chicken Enchiladas got a "yes, please."

Very simple ingredients. Poached chicken, enchilada sauce, hot sauce (Frank's obviously), tortillas, green onions, mozzarella cheese, and blue cheese crumbles.

I prepped the ingredients in the morning before the girls got up. I started with 2 large chicken breasts in a sauce pan and covered them with chicken broth and brought to a boil, reduced heat and simmered partially covered for 10 minutes and then removed from heat and covered for 15 minutes. After it cooled I shredded it. I chopped the green onions and also combined my enchilada sauce and Frank's. The recipe called for a 14 ounce can of enchilada sauce, but I had a 19 ounce can. I used the 1/3 cup of Frank's so my ratio was a little lighter on the hot sauce than the recipe called for, but it was still sufficiently spicy. Before I placed the chicken in the refrigerator I added 2/3 cup of the sauce mix to the chicken so it could absorb the flavors.

30 minutes before dinner I preheated to 350 and placed some sauce on the bottom of a 9x13 baking dish. The recipe calls for an 8x8 dish, but I used small tortillas instead of the large which were called for, so I ended up with 7 smaller enchiladas that took up more space. Plus I had more chicken and sauce. I added half of my green onions and a about 2/3 cup mozzarella to the sauced chicken and then started filling and rolling the tortillas. After I placed them seam side down I covered with the remaining sauce and cheese. The recipe said to add the Gorgonzola after the enchiladas were out of the oven, but I wanted it more melted as part of the dish instead of as a garnish.

It baked for 25 minutes (I added a bit more time because the chicken had been refrigerated). It was bubbly and smelled deeeelicious!

He loved them and The Princess said she didn't want to try "endurladas". No big surprise there :)

For the full recipe visit The Novice Chef Here



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