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Jun 5, 2012

That's right folks, we will be adding a few extra posts all summer long.  MWF will be the same types of things, recipes, crafts, workouts, etc.  But on the occasional Tuesday and Thursday look for new posts about how we are keeping our kids busy this summer. 

The thing I dread most about summer ... hearing the B word ... "Mom, I'm Bored!".  Really?  In a house full of toys, a backyard full of inflatable pools and a swing set, and a garage full of bikes, scooters, wagons, and balls, the child has already decided she is bored for the summer.  Ugh.  While I will definitely be working with her on how to self entertain, I've also got some fun crafty activities planned for the summer.

We'll be appreciating art, exploring the desert, checking out the rain forest and much much more. 

On top of our theme weeks, we will be also working on some other basic skills - like Math.  #1 has reading down.  She is reading almost 2 grade levels ahead of where she needs to be, so while we will be reading and doing book reports this summer, it won't be our main focus.  Math is going to be the area that we concentrate on.  #1 does not love math.  Mostly because it has not come as easy for her as reading has.  She has to work out it, actually think about it to do it and she really has no time for this, she is too busy, ya know, except when she's bored.  So we are going to be incorporating some fun things in our daily routine to make her "like" math more and to make it fun.  Make sure you check out the sidebar for our weekly FUN math activity. 

We will also be going on some field trips.  We'll be sure to share a trip report with you in case you are ever visiting the St. Louis area with your kids and looking for fun stuff to do.

And Bryn is doing much of the same at her house ... I can't imagine where she got the idea ;)  So look for reports from her too!

Happy Summer!


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