2 Ingredient Cake: Diet Soda

Jul 9, 2012

All week we will be featuring 2 ingredient cakes ... because, ya know, everyone should be eating more cake!


So, you know how when you make a cake out of a box and top it with canned frosting, you feel like the best mom EVER?

But then you start to doubt yourself.

Your child looks like she's lacking energy and you just don't feel like you've used enough chemicals in her diet. If only there were a way to make dessert with more caffeine and artificial sweeteners.

Well, Hungry Girl has found a way to make all of your dreams come true!!!!

Continuing in our 2 ingredient cake series this recipe uses a box of cake mix and a can of diet soda. There are several examples like yellow cake mix and cream soda or lemon cake with lemon-lime soda. I think strawberry cake with strawberry soda would be good too, and no caffeine either. I chose Devils Food cake mix and Diet Cherry Pepsi because I had both on hand. The "hungry girl" site focuses on low call high volume foods which is why she uses diet soda, but regular soda would work just as well.


Devils Food cake mix
Diet Cherry Soda

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Whisk together ingredients in bowl and the pour or spoon into prepared pans. I made 6 cupcakes and an 8 inch cake in order to test both. The batter,of course, was very foamy until all of the bubbles were incorporated into the mix.

 The batter at this point is much runnier than batter prepared according to box directions.

I found that I had to cook the cakes longer than normal. The cakes are very shiny and pretty and springy to the touch.

However, The Princess only took two bites and said it didn't taste good. The husband said it was fine , but that regular boxed cake mix was better. Also, the cake texture is a little different and a bit sticky. Not really a success if your family is on a normal diet. However...if calories are a concern, this is a really good idea and obviously you could play around with flavors. Maybe caffeine free Diet Dr. Pepper....



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