Summer Fun

Jul 18, 2012

So far this summer "The Princess" has really enjoyed her themed learning activities. We have done Safari Animals, Egypt, Bugs, and Arctic Animals.

Each day we read several (and by several I mean a ton) of books on the subject and then either do a craft or activity based on the theme.

For example, for Safari week we made binoculars and went on a safari hunt through our house where I had left plastic safari animals hidden. The neatest part of the hunt was that when she found an animal she would tell me a new fact about that it without being asked or prompted. We also made animal masks and an animal cracker safari picture.

For Egypt, we made a pyramid. She loved doing this activity as I knew she would. She loves to build...and she loves sugar cubes. Win, win. We also made a sarcophagus out of a shoe box. She wrapped a little stuffed bunny in toilet paper and placed it inside with a flower and closed the lid. She kept checking to see if the bunny had been mummified.

During our bug week we made lots of different bugs out of egg cartons and spent a LOT of time searching for bugs in the yard.

Arctic week was fun because we were in a triple digit heat wave. She thought it was a good idea to eat Popsicles every day because thy were frozen like the ice in the arctic. I had to agree. She made arctic animals out of construction paper shapes that she cut. We also froze paint and she used the cubes to paint pictures. This was a really fun craft and I was amazed by how long she did it. We went through lots and lots of construction paper. For this craft, pour paint into an ice cube tray, and add water. Freeze overnight and let sit for 5 minutes before painting. I found that the cubes that I didn't mix turned out much better and she was able to hold the ice without the paint dripping all over her. The paint was concentrated in one place and painting was much easier with these cubes.

I've really enjoyed seeing her so interested in each subject. We selected the themes together and for the most part I let her drive that discussion. It was funny to hear her suggestions and I did my best to incorporate them. We'll see what I can do with the candy theme she so desperately wants... Stay tuned!



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