Booty Improvement?

Aug 3, 2012

So, I've lunged, squatted, pliéd, stepped up, stepped down, lifted and squeezed.

My quest for a lifted firmer butt continues, but its time for an update. My husband is positive he can tell a difference, but he loves me a whole lot, so he could be seeing things.

I can tell you this, I haven't gained a pound but my pants don't fit the same. Way too tight in the booty area. They aren't tighter in the waist or thighs, just butt and hips. So, something has changed.

Here are the pics....can you see a difference?

Here is the before ...

And the after ...

If not, squint one eye and tilt your head to the left.

 Ok, tilt some more.

See it?




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