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Aug 6, 2012

Since school is right around the corner, we our going to focus the month of August on quick and easy ideas.  This week we are going to bring you some super easy breakfast, most of which can be made ahead of time to make mornings a snap.

Next week, we will focus on easy dinners.  It is tough to get everyone back into a routine and dinner time is often no fun.  We've got a few ideas for some easy or make ahead meals that will make your evenings less frazzled.

The following week is going to be about school lunches.  Everyone's favorite subject, right?  This is what I dread most about school starting back up again - having to pack a lunch everyday.  Ugh.  We'll share some ideas and hopefully you can help us with what works for your family.

Then we will close out the month with a week of after school snacks. 

Happy August everyone!
Hallie and Bryn


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