Breakfast Burritos

Aug 9, 2012

Let's start with a disgusting story.

I mean gross.

It takes place at McDonald's, where about 66% of gross stories begin.

When I lived in Texas my friend and I would frequent the drive through on weekdays and get breakfast before school and work. I was a vegetarian at the time, so I ordered the breakfast burritos without sausage. And then one weekend we were driving to Houston and had to leave early so we stopped at McDonald's. I ordered the usual and was denied.

It was a weekend, so the usual crew I was familiar with wasn't there, so I spoke very slowly and ordered again.


It was explained to me that the filling for the burritos comes premixed and therefore could not be made without sausage.

Umm...but I order it at least once a week, I said.

And then. The worst thing possible came out of Mr McDonald's mouth.

"Oh, they probably just pick it out for you. We can do that, no big deal.". NO BIG DEAL??? That is a very freaking Big Deal. Gross gross double triple gross.

These aren't gross. In fact, they are yummy, convenient, and very easy to make. I most often make freezer burritos with sausage, but I have made them with bacon, soy crumbles, and mushrooms. They are good with added canned green chilies, peppers, or black beans. All variations are good, however, if you use a substitution for the sausage I would recommend adding the green chilies or using pepper jack cheese because it can be a bit bland.

Ingredients - use the amounts of ingredients to your taste and needs. I made a batch of 16, but if you want more or less, adjust. This recipe is very forgiving and can be made and adjusted to your liking.

1 lb Sausage
2 tbsp Canola or vegetable oil
1/2 Onion diced
3/4 bag Frozen hashbrowns (also good with homemade fried potatoes especially if you have left over baked potatoes to use up)
Canola oil
12 Eggs- beaten with a little water and salt and pepper
2 cups Shredded cheese (I generally use cheddar, Mexican blend, or Colby jack...whatever I have)
16 Tortillas (the ones I use are the taco size)
Wax or parchment paper
Freezer bags

Defrost frozen hashbrowns. Squeeze out water and drain very well.

Warm oil in skillet and add onions and potatoes. (If using your own potatoes, cook them on their own for awhile before adding onion to prevent the onion from burning. ) Sauté until potatoes have begun to brown.
At the same time, brown sausage in separate skillet. Drain and add to potato and onion mixture.
Wipe out sausage skillet and add eggs. Scramble. Be careful not to over cook. Unless you like over cooked eggs. In that case, over cook the heck outta them. Add eggs to sausage mixture.
Add 1 cup of the cheese to sausage mixture.

Warm tortillas in microwave. I warm several at a time by wrapping in paper towels and microwaving for about 10 seconds.

Place tortilla on plate and add filling. Sprinkle additional cheese if desired and roll up tightly burrito style (Bottom folded first, fold in both sides, then roll.) Place seam side down on waxed or parchment paper.

Wrap burrito. I don't tape the paper, because I know my husband, and I know that he will never remember to remove it before he reheats. (Love ya, babe.).

Place wrapped burritos into freezer bags and place in freezer.

Leave burritos in paper for heating. When placed in the microwave right from the freezer, I usually will cook mine for 1 to 1.5 minutes on 50% power, then flip it and cook for another minute on high. My husband takes them to work so they have an opportunity to thaw a bit so he cooks his for 45 seconds and then flips and cooks for 30 seconds all on high.



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