DVD Review: Yoga for the Warrior

Aug 17, 2012

Bob Harper: Yoga for the Warrior

After I took my intro to Yoga classes, I was super excited about yoga.  Unfortunately, there are just not enough hours in the day for me to get to a class every time I want to.  So I have to do Yoga at home, via DVD if I want to keep practicing. 

And I want to keep practicing!

On the recommendation of a friend, I checked out Bob Harper's Yoga for the Warrior from the library.  And it was awesome!  It is definitely a workout -- this is what I call strength training yoga vs. restorative/relaxation yoga.

Here is what I loved about this DVD:

1.  It has a timer!  The DVD is an hour long and in some parts it is very strenuous.  It is so helpful to me so see how much time is left and know I can get through it.

2.  It makes you sweat.  I wanted a workout ... this DVD definitely gives it to you.

3.  They demonstrate the main moves and also show alternatives to make it easier or harder.  This is so important in Yoga - everyone is at different levels, he shows you what to do for your level, whatever it may be.

4.  It doesn't really hurt that he is easy on the eyes ;)

I can't really say anything bad about this DVD.  I do suggest that you have a little knowledge of Yoga first or at least watch the DVD all the way through 1 time before attempting.

Go out and buy it or rent it today!



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