Acorn Treats

Oct 8, 2012

Do you remember what the first rule of cooking is? 
Think back to junior high Home Economics. 
Times up. 
The first rule is to read the ingredient list and recipe instructions from beginning to end before starting. 
My junior high self aced home ec....
my adult self realized today that I would fail big time. 
I came across this adorable acorn treat one morning and decided that they would be fun to make with The Princess. 
We looked at the picture and added the ingredients to the shopping list and away we went. 
Turns out that you can't read acorn books by their cover, because I made them all wrong. 
Whoops, but they turned out cute and were super easy. 
In the original recipe the pieces are held together with melted chocolate and I used corn syrup. 
Both ways work and both have their drawbacks. The chocolate method takes longer to set up so you would have to wait a bit longer before applying the mini chocolate chip, and the corn syrup method leaves the treats looking a little shiny. The original recipe also calls for chocolate to be piped on top to form the stem. Ummm, no thanks. The dollop looks just like a mini chocolate chip, so why not use a mini chocolate chip. 
Hershey's kisses-I used dark chocolate because they are my husbands favorite
Corn syrup-I poured a small amount onto a lid for easy dipping
Nutter Butter Bites
Mini Chocolate Chips
First, unwrap your Hershey's kisses.
If you have a little helper, make sure you don't turn your back. 
Little helpers have been known to steal chocolate. 
Dip the large end of the Kiss into corn syrup and press onto a Nutter Butter bite. 
Once they have started to set up dip the flat side of the mini chocolate chip into corn syrup and place on top of the Nutter Butter. 
Done. Easy. Cute.


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