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Oct 3, 2012

The race is less than a week away.  Yikes!  I had my last long run about a week ago.  12 miles.  Yes, you read that right.  I ran 12 miles.  It was a long way.  A really long way.  And those last 2 miles were hard.  But, I did it.  I am ready.  This week is a taper week - meaning you take it easy, get some miles in, but don't tax the body.  You want to save everything you have for next Sunday. 

I have been reflecting a lot this week.  So excited that the race is FINALLY here.  I sorta can't believe it's finally here.  I am already contemplating what's next - probably not another half, but maybe some of those warrior dashes, or mud runs.  We'll see.  For today, here is what I learned during training ...

10.  Running in the heat sucks.  However, it does make running in this nice Fall weather seem easier.  If you are considering taking up running, do it now!  Don't take it up after the temps get hot.  I used to refuse to run outside if it was below 60 degrees, now, I love 50!!  Bring on the cold!
9.  Body Glide is your friend. 

8.  A fun way to pass the time while on those long runs -- make up lives for the people you pass.  For instance, I pass one guy all the time.  I see him everyday walking and walking and walking.  He must walk 20 miles a day.  No exaggeration.  And he is kinda creepy looking.  He wears aviator type sunglasses and always looks at the ground, won't make eye contact.  He wears one of those belts with all the little water bottles on it.  And he smokes cigars while he is walking.  I have decided he is on house arrest and they let him walk as his only source of exercise for the day.  I am still undecided on his crime, but I am leaning towards peeping tom or a flasher.  (as a side note, a terrible way to pass the time is to think of your to do list for when you get home, it will just aggravate you and make you feel guilty for being out there running).

7.  You need good shoes.  Your knees and feet will thank you.  (A good sports bra too - the girls will thank you!)

6.  Injuries are no joke.  It is better to be cautious and not push if you feel you may be injured.  Better to sit out a couple of days than a few weeks.  The foam roller is your friend.  Even when it hurts.  I can't repeat the words I have screamed at my foam roller, but in the end, it helped tremendously!

5. Something weird happens to you when you become a runner.  You want to talk about it all.the.time.  Which I am sure can be annoying to non-runners.  You will also try to convert non-runners into runners.  This is probably because it gives you the opportunity to talk more about running!  Also, running stores become your crack.  You walk into one and want to buy everything in there.  Headbands, water bottles, dri fit shirts, compression pants, new socks, I'll take one of each please!!

4.  A good run can melt away stress like nothing else I have ever tried.

3.  Finally tried some of those GUs and Chews.  My verdict:  They are gross.  I'll pass, thanks.

2.  You always have more left than you think you do.  Always. Just keep going.  One foot after another.  One of my favorite quotes - "Pain is temporary, quitting is forever".  You can do it! 

1.  It's not about the destination, it's about enjoying the journey.  Yes, finishing that race is going to be a big accomplishment on Sunday.  And it is going to feel good.  But to me, the bigger accomplishment is sticking with the training ... even when I didn't want to ... even when it sucked ...even when it was too hot to breathe ... even when the time it was taking up was becoming an issue ... that is what I am most proud of.  I didn't quit, I didn't give up.  I made it.

I'll be back next week with a post race wrap up!



  1. Great post, I especially like #1. I have to constantly remind myself to enjoy the journey! Good luck with your race Sunday!!

  2. Thanks! The race went great! Will post about it later this week!!


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