Calming the Pre-Race Jitters

Apr 27, 2012

So, tomorrow's the big day.  My first 10k!  Am I nervous, you ask?  Yes!  Don't ask me why ... I have no idea.  In the grand scheme of things, it doesn't mean anything - if I don't hit my goal time, the world is not going to end.  I am not competing for a team, so there isn't anyone to let down except myself.  It is not like anyone is going to be watching me either.  When you are out there running, really the only person you care about is yourself.  Yet, still nervous.  So, what can I do to calm these nerves? 

1.  Training- obviously, this is what I have been training for.  All the running I have been doing up to this point is going to help me tomorrow.  I ran 6 miles last Saturday.  I know I can do it.  Thinking about my past runs helps to calm my fears.

2.  Use Visualization - ok, so don't think I am cooky, but this really helps.  There is going to be one particularly challenging part of the 10k tomorrow.  It is about 1 mile in and it is very hilly for about 3/4 of a mile.  I call it The Beast.  I ran The Beast last weekend.  Picturing me, running that hill already, helps give me the confidence to know that I can do it again.

3. Get there early - I am a freak ... seriously, a FREAK about being on time, if I am not early to something, I consider myself late.  Getting there early will help calm the nerves.

4.  Keep it in perspective - It's just a race.  A race that no one cares about but me.  And it is supposed to be fun.  So I am going to worry less about time, more about finishing and mostly about what kind of yummy snacks there will be after the race!

Wish me Luck!  I'll report back next week with the results!



  1. You'll do great!

    My tips:

    1. Wake up plenty early so you can eat a normal breakfast at home & drive leisurely to the race.
    2. Pee, twice, before the start. Don't ask me how I know!
    3. Body Glide... Miracle product
    4. Stretch! You'll be grateful tomorrow!
    5. Find someone running slightly faster than you are and challenge yourself to stay with her.

  2. Btw, Hallie finished the race under her goal time! Go Hallie! Super proud of you.


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