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Jun 22, 2012

DVD:  Windsor Pilates 20 Minute Circle workout

I cannot tell you how happy I was the other day when #2 handed me a DVD container for some Leap Frog Game and I opened it up and out popped my Windsor Pilates DVD. 

Hallelujah!  It has been lost for about a year and half! 

The next day I popped it in and got back into the Pilates routine.  This is a quick pilates workout that targets mostly abs, thighs and butt, but with use of this circle type contraption, you also get to workout arms and chest as well.  This is definitely a beginners video, if you are experienced with Pilates, you won't want to check this one out.  Here is what I love about this DVD:

1.  It is 20 minutes.  As Mari says in the video, "Who doesn't have 20 minutes?".  She is totally right!  I can actually do this workout while the kids are awake and occupied with other things.  Lately, #2 has been attempting the moves right along with me!

2.  It is hard, but not too hard.  I hate to try a new workout DVD and I can't even get through the first 5 minutes without dying.  It is very discouraging to me.  So I like this one because I feel like it is really working my muscles (I can feel it the next day), but not hard enough that 10 minutes in, I feel like quitting.

3.  It works!  In just the 3 workouts that I have done since I round the DVD, I can already see a tightening in my stomach!

What I don't love:

1.  The main demonstrator chick in the DVD looks like a robot.  Seriously, I don't think she ever blinks.  It is kinda freaky.

That is it!  Not bad for a list of don't likes, right?

I highly recommend this DVD.  You can find it on Amazon.  I also recommend seeing if your local library has it - The library is a great way to try new workouts to decide if you like them enough to buy!



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