Popsicle Failure

Jun 21, 2012

I don't know what I was thinking. Maybe I wasn't thinking at all. Lately The Princess has taken personal offense to anything I do that does not include or revolve around her.

I get it.

I was the big sister too.

So when I was looking for a Popsicle recipe I wanted one that was super easy and that she could make from start to finish with me. This recipe certainly was easy. What I failed to remember was that The Princess doesn't like jello. It's a texture thing. Why would I think that freezing jello would improve the texture? I guess I was thinking of the jello as more of a flavor enhancing ingredient, like in poke cakes, etc, and not as the final product. Well, let's just say that The Princess was pretty disgusted by the pops and requested a store bought Popsicle to make up for it.

The recipe said that the Popsicles have a "jello/slushy consistency". I don't think that fully explains the weirdness of these things. If you bite into them they are like a spongy slushy. Odd.

If you lick them, they get slimy and then spongy and then gummy.

Not my favorite.

My husband saw my face and decided not to try them...my description of the jello/sponge/bubble gum texture didn't do much to help.

I won't be making these again, but if you don't have texture issues and are looking for a super easy, cheap and flavorful Popsicle, give them a try.


I box Jello - flavor of your choice
Popsicle molds

Prepare Jello as instructed on box. Pour into Popsicle molds and freeze for 8-10 hours or until solid.

Run warm water over molds or sit mold into warm water to loosen. Enjoy (?)!



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