Why we Love it Wednesday: AmLactin

Jul 25, 2012

I initially bought AmLactin for my keratosis pilaris (an annoying skin condition). My dermatologist had recommended that I try it, and while I hated spending $$$ on a bottle of lotion, I didn't want to spend another summer self conscious about the tiny bumps on my legs and arms. AmLactin contains alpha-hydroxy acids which exfoliate and emollients which moisturize the skin. The lotion is said to remove dead skin cells as well as helping skin retain moisture.

Always a bargain hunter, I found a 20 oz bottle for $17.99 at Costco, and had a $3 off coupon. Score!

I started using the lotion once a day initially and after making sure that it didn't irritate my skin, I increased application to twice daily. I have noticed a real improvement. For the treatment of keratosis pilaris alone, AmLactin is worth the price.

But it gets better!

One evening I had a little extra on my hands and didn't want to waste it so I rubbed it on my heels. The next morning I noticed a change. My cracked heels, caused by a firm commitment to flip flops, were so much smoother. I could still feel some cracks, but they weren't visible. I have used too many different products to count in order to smooth and heal the rough patches and cracked skin. Creams, lotions, oils, pumice stones, etc. I've applied in the morning and at night with my "lotion socks". Nothing has worked in the past. Who would have thought that an unintentional application of AmLactin would change all of that. Within a week, I was unable to feel the cracks. No work, no hot sweaty lotion socks, no multiple bottles of lotions...just using the leftover lotion on my hands solved my problem.

A couple of days later I was filing my nails and noticed that my hands were so soft and smooth. With a baby in the house I am constantly washing my hands which leaves them extremely dry. The flaky patches between my fingers were gone. My hands looked like someone else's. Again, just the residual lotion on my hands from applying to other ares of my body. I now make a point to use a little extra on my hands and feet.

If you have extremely dry skin, cracked heels, or keratosis pilaris, I highly recommend AmLactin. HIGHLY recommend!


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